Best Sign-On Technology award from Digiday Technology for powering customer acquisition and subscriber growth for a major media company


The verdict is in: Synacor Cloud ID wins!

The annual Digiday Technology Awards ceremony once again highlighted the tech powering and modernizing media and marketing. And when it came to Best Sign-On Technology, Synacor came out on top.

We are proud to join brands like Hootsuite, Home Depot, Piano and Brightcove honored in this year’s program.

The problem with poor log-in experiences

The log-in process tends to be the bane of consumer app experiences. In the background, an inflexible log-in platform can also thwart growth, scale and mobility.

In other words, a lose-lose proposition if done poorly.

But next-gen sign-on tech? It can be the foundation for digital transformation effort that define a new future for content, making it possible to meet consumers wherever they go.

Such was the case for a large, well-known legacy media company that wanted to evolve its legacy offering to become a digital streaming powerhouse – basically, content anywhere, on any device. The company had made several high-profile acquisitions and needed to ensure it could reach customers where they wanted.

Specifically, the goals were to:

  • Reduce login friction for customers and extend next-gen login services everywhere (smartphones, IoT, web and in-car)
  • Simplify integration with partners and launch new growth marketing programs based on robust identity management technology
  • Improve analytics/real-time monitoring/alerts/customer behavior analysis for better customer experience insights into and feedback loop creation for continued improvements

On the operational front, there was a strong desire to reduce costs and platform management burdens. From a marketing perspective, the company wanted more flexibility to create new subscription offerings, spanning free and premium with subscribers able to move seamlessly between them.

Success on all these fronts required cutting-edge innovation, dedicated teams and significant planning. After all, a massive tech evolution had to take place without disrupting millions of users.

Not an easy task, but Synacor’s track record and expertise serving the world’s largest global media brands prepared us for this ambitious undertaking.

In Digiday’s words:

When a company has numerous goals in mind, being able to turn to one platform to achieve them all is a relief. Synacor’s platform was able to open doors for new customer acquisition and subscriber growth

marketing platforms for their client. Having the ability to manage app sign-in, content authorization and

access via connected devices while also being able to scale to millions of users and support outsized access demand around major streaming events was also a huge benefit.

We thank Digiday for acknowledging our breakthrough work in the sign-on market and share this victory with our client that put its faith in Synacor and Cloud ID to help power its next phase of growth and service delivery.

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