Streaming is no longer an upstart to linear television; for a new generation, streaming video is a native reality. Consumers still love the programming bundle, and pay TV operators have an inside track to maintaining that subscription business into the future. But those consumers expect and increasingly demand that their pay TV providers offer streaming services to any connected device. With the stakes so high and the window of opportunity closing, why aren’t more MVPDs embracing an approach that can realize incremental value from streaming services?

With this backdrop, we are excited to release “TV Made for You: How Pay TV Operators Can Thrive in a Streaming Future.” This paper details the current state of the evolving streaming video landscape, examines the challenges facing incumbent operators in building streaming services, and offers a framework of practical solutions for MVPDs to create the infrastructure that will be required for relevance in television’s streaming future.

Synacor’s Search & Discovery, Watch and Cloud ID solutions help MVPDs contain costs and reduce subscriber churn in the short term, while building the foundation to deliver true TV Everywhere services of their own in the future.

We hope you find this report to be informative and thought provoking. Please feel free to reach out to discuss the report with your Synacor sales representative or contact Synacor here and someone will follow up.

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