Let Them Watch More TV: How to Easily Overcome the Login Problem

TV subscribers want to watch more TV, and they try to—on their tablets, computers, connected TVs and other devices. But all too often they get stuck at the login screen and give up. The default login experience for accessing TV Everywhere is challenging to the point of abandonment. Synacor has seen up to 50% of potential TV Everywhere viewers, abandon the process at the login screen. Yes, up to half of all people who are asked to perform the login process don’t make it through. It’s that hard.

With this backdrop, we are excited to release “Let Them Watch More TV: How to Easily Overcome the Login Problem.” This paper outlines the challenges facing the pay TV industry’s deployment of simplified sign-on solutions, the technical and strategic changes resolving these concerns, and the many benefits of today’s best-in-class simplified sign-on solutions.

Synacor Cloud ID is the industry’s only end-to-end identity platform that simplifies the subscriber login experience anywhere end users access their video services, whether in-home on their Wi-Fi network, on a connected TV or on mobile across both Apple and Android devices. Many of Synacor innovations that have simplified Cloud ID include:

  • Plug & Play. One-to-Many Integrations. Synacor maintains a substantial number of existing integrations between operators and programmers that we make available to new customers.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability. Synacor solutions can easily adapt to the bespoke needs of our customers through a flexible layer atop a solid core of authentication functionalities.

  • Scalability. Our cloud-designed infrastructure allows processing capacity to increase to match the record-breaking needs of a Game of Thrones or the Olympics.

  • Reliability and Durability. Geo-dispersed and redundant servers create reliability even if a hurricane threatened to take a large swath of the country offline.

No player in the industry will be able to afford TV Everywhere abandonment rates of up to 50% because of solvable technical problems. The simplified sign-on solutions available today empower TV providers to prioritize ease of use for themselves and—most importantly—to champion it for their customers.

We hope you find this report to be informative and thought provoking. Please feel free to reach out to discuss the report with your Synacor sales representative or contact Synacor and someone will follow up.

Download our Cloud ID White Paper.