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Working at Synacor

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Synacor’s Core Values

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Working at Synacor

The Culture

What do you get when passionate, innovative, and enthusiastic people have the freedom and flexibility needed to succeed? A company that makes work cool, exciting and rewarding. We’re convinced that a fun-loving and supportive culture is essential for our success.

The Work

Our projects and fast-paced and energetic work environment challenge, fulfill, and drive us to deliver our best. We love to see the global impact of our innovation and hard work! A very open office layout promotes teamwork, and even though we're spread out across the globe, we consistently collaborate with remote team members.

The People

Let’s say it again, but louder: THE PEOPLE! Our team members around the world are top-notch, super smart humans who keep us motivated and laughing. We want to see each other succeed and are the first to celebrate teammates’ professional and personal achievements.

Why Synacor?


Technology. We’re a trusted partner in the software space, and work on some of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies in the industry.

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Fun Office Environment. Synacor offices are constantly holding events and outings because the best way to create a community is through fun…and a little competition.


Casual dress code. Be comfortable and wear casual clothes; t-shirts and jeans are encouraged! It's not uncommon to see our CEO in the office in Chuck Taylors.

love snack

Love to snack? Most of our offices are supplied with fresh fruit and incredible snacks so no one gets hangry.

ping pong

Need a break from the screen? Look no further than the foosball, table hockey, or ping pong some locations have and encourage you to use.

time date

Life outside the office. Our flexible scheduling and paid time off facilitate your work-life balance.


Healthcare. To keep you healthy, smiling, and bright-eyed, we offer a very robust benefits package.


Celebrate your birthday. Because we’re happy that you were born, we give our team members a paid day off on your birthday!

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Retirement. And we’d all like to stop working someday, right?! Synacor offers voluntary retirement plans with matching to support your long-term goals.


Synacor has presence around the world to provide local sales and support to our customers.

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Open Positions

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