California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosures

Effective June 18, 2020

These disclosures supplement the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) of Synacor, Inc., and its affiliated companies, (collectively, “Synacor”). They are provided pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”) and apply only to residents of California using websites made available by Synacor at,,,, and (the “Sites”). Each capitalized term used, but not defined, in these disclosures shall have the meaning given to such term in the CCPA.

Disclosures Required under the CCPA

Categories of Personal Information Collected

Synacor collects the following categories of personal information:

  • Identifiers (e.g. name, Internet protocol address, email address, your location, and phone number);
  • Internet or Network Activity Information; and
  • Commercial Information.

Categories of Sources of Personal Information Collected

Synacor collects personal information from the following categories of sources:

  • Consumers;
  • Third parties acting on behalf of consumers; and
  • Third parties with whom or which Synacor has a business relationship.

Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

Synacor uses personal information collected by it for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To achieve the purposes for which you, a third party on your behalf or a third party with whom or which Synacor has a business relationship provided personal information;
  • To fulfill orders for products or services, or to process returns of products, of Synacor;
  • To enable you to use products and services of Synacor;
  • To provide you with support, and to respond to your questions, regarding products and services of Synacor;
  • To send you advertisements in which you may or may not have revealed an interest in receiving through your use of the Sites;
  • To send you e-mail messages, newsletters and other information that Synacor believes to be of interest to you;
  • To respond to requests from law enforcement or other governmental authorities;
  • To comply with any applicable law or legal obligation;
  • To employ consumers or consider consumers for employment;
  • To prosecute or defend itself in a legal dispute or proceeding; and
  • For any other business purpose not prohibited by applicable law.

Categories of Third Parties with whom Synacor Shares Personal Information

Synacor shares personal information with categories of third parties that enable Synacor to achieve the purposes for which it collects personal information as described above.

Synacor only sells personal information to third parties for the purpose of enabling them to send you advertisements in which you may have revealed an interest through your use of the Sites. You can opt-out of any such sales at any time as set forth below.

Specific Pieces of Personal Data Collected

Synacor collects the following specific pieces of personal information:

  • Names;
  • Physical addresses;
  • E-mail addresses;
  • Locations;
  • Phone numbers; and
  • Cookies and cookie syncing identifiers.

Summary of Consumers’ Rights under the CCPA

You have the right to, among other things, request that Synacor provide you with access to any personal information it holds about you, delete such personal information, and restrict processing of such personal information pursuant to the CCPA, subject to certain exceptions. You can exercise your rights under the CCPA by submitting a verifiable consumer request to Synacor as set forth in the Policy. For more information regarding Synacor’s collection, use and disclosure of such personal information, please see the Policy.

You may also visit the privacy policies of third parties with which Synacor has a business relationship to manage your personal information directly with such third parties.